Warren W. Stein

Warren William Stein worked diligently to serve the pork industry for the benefit of all concerned. He contributed vision at the provincial, national and international level debates and discussions concerning swine genetics, production and marketing.

As a pioneer in swine artificial insemination (AI), Warren developed a swine AI service that was the first offered on a daily basis in Canada. Mr. Stein contributed greatly to the Genetic Improvement Program (the ROP system to develop Estimated Breeding Values) for pigs. Warren was actively engaged in station and home ROP testing for pigs and incorporated DNA selection into breeding to move the swine industry forward using the most modern technology available.

He was a member of a trade mission to Mexico with the Canadian government and studied the pork industry in England, Holland, Italy, West Germany and East Germany. He imported special lines of pigs for improvement of the Ontario swine herd and multiplier herds were established to produce F1 hybrids. Breeding stock from Thames Bend Farms has become accepted and sought after throughout 33 countries; and the Swedish Hampshire herd was based on Hampshires exported to Sweden by Warren Stein. The genetic influence he made in many countries helped establish the excellent reputation of Canadian swine. The Canadian Swine Breeders recognized Stein for registering the most purebred pigs in Canada in each of the seven years from 1981 to 1989.

In addition to purebred pigs of Yorkshire, Hampshire, Duroc and Landrace breeds, Thames Bend Hybrids Inc. managed herds of multiplier F1 hybrids for major players in the pork industry of Canada and the United States.

While serving as president of Thames Bend Farms and chairman of the board of Thames Bend Hybrids Inc., Warren Stein served on the executive of Breed associations, Quality Swine Co-Op, Ontario Swine AI Association, Ontario Pork Producers’ Marketing Board, Agricultural Publishing Co, Canadian Swine Improvement Advisory Board and the Ontario Genetic Corporation. He served as executive director of the US National Swine Improvement Federation, and in 1990 became the first Canadian to be recognized as “Seedstock Producer of the Year.” Warren Stein also has been recognized for his community work through the church, schools and colleges, Masons, 4-H and Junior Farmers.

A dedicated and diligent worker, Warren Stein has earned his place in the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame.

Nominated By:
  • Ontario Pork Producers’ Marketing Board