William Weld

As a farmer, journalist, educator, promoter and conservationist, William Weld made an outstanding contribution to Canadian agriculture.

He believed in teaching by example, hence established the first experimental farm in British North America. Later he persuaded the Honourable John Carling to initiate the Dominion Government System of Experimental Farms. He also played a leading role in the founding the Ontario Agricultural College.

His journalistic career dates from 1866 when he commenced publishing the Farmer’s Advocate, a paper that now has the distinction of being the oldest Canadian periodical. Through the medium of his paper he sponsored and promoted many progressive ideas and movements, including soil and water conservation and forest protection.

An article published in MacLean’s on July 15, 1931 said of William Weld: “He left a legacy of achievement that entitles him to be ranked among the Fathers of Scientific Agriculture in this Dominion.”

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